Code of Ethics


As a member of the District ABA Advisory Executive, I will:

• Seek to represent the parent perspective to the District focusing on the
best interests of all students in School District 36;

• Demonstrate a constructive attitude in order to fulfill the goals of the
Advisory with the District;

• Always support a democratic process;

• Approach all Advisory issues with an open mind, prepared to make the
best decision for the good of all concerned;

• Be committed to focusing on the issues, not on personalities;

• Speak, listen and act toward other members with respect and dignity,
mindful of other members’ rights and sensibilities;

• Keep confidential information confidential;

• Provide accurate and complete information to the best of my ability, do
nothing to violate the trust of those I represent;

• Not use the Advisory or my position on the Advisory executive for my own
personal advantage or for the individual advantage of my family, friends or
supporters; and

• Never exercise authority as an Advisory member except when acting in a
meeting with the full council or as I am designated by the Advisory.

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