Letter of Intent

December 6, 2007
Dear Parents:
Two years ago the Surrey School District invited parents involved in ABA home programs to a meeting with the goal of gathering feedback with regard to the range and effectiveness of services they were offering to our children at the time. The consensus of the participants was that our children needed ABA trained aides to support them in the classroom.
It was then that a committee was formed to oversee the design of a college program to credential home program ABA instructors to work in the school setting. We, Nancy Walton, Eleanor MacDonald, and Nancy Robins, volunteered as parent representatives on this committee and were joined by a Behavioural Consultant, Surrey School District administrators, and a Surrey College administrator.
As committee members, we have asked the Surrey School District to send this letter to all parents of children receiving ABA treatment in home programs, of which they are aware, in the district. We would like to meet with parents to discuss forming a Parent Advisory Council or similar entity dedicated to parents involved in ABA. The Surrey School District is supporting us in this effort.
By having an ABA PAC, parents will have a voice in providing information and a parent’s perspective to the District as it relates to ABA. The PAC committee will advise the Surrey School District of parents’ views on educational issues surrounding our children. This will be done with a district wide focus and not in relation to specific children. Parents must continue to deal directly with the Surrey School District regarding issues relating to their individual children.
The ABA PAC will strive to work with Surrey School District Administrators to promote effective two-way communication. We hope to meet regularly and aim to:



• Provide parents with a forum for discussion of issues affecting the health, welfare and education of our children.
• Advise the Surrey School District of parents’ views on
educational issues.
• Encourage co-operation and communication among all the
participants in the education system.
• Inform parents of their rights in the education process, and assist them in obtaining information at all levels.
• Provide ongoing support for parents.

Yours truly,

Nancy Walton
Eleanor MacDonald
Nancy Robins

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