Jan 2008

Minutes – January 15/08
District ABA Advisory
Nancy Robins, Nancy Walton and Eleanor MacDonald requested that the District contact parents on their behalf who were running home based ABA programs and let them know this meeting would be held. (See Letter of Intent) Parents attended the meeting where the object was to determine if there was sufficient interest to develop an ABA PAC.


31 Parents attended


A brief history of ABA provision in the district was reviewed with the group, followed by a question and answer session.


The participants went over their vision of a PAC-like organization and what it would do to benefit children in the district with home based ABA programs.


There was interest in forming an organization to work with District’s representatives in providing parental input.


A motion came from the floor to have a steering committee look into what kind of an organization we could form proposed by D Kaler, and seconded by S. Booth.


The steering committee was composed of Steve Booth, Nancy Robins, Nancy Walton, Elaine Raynault and Eleanor MacDonald.


The steering committee determined to complete their recommendations by Feb 20th and a second meeting was scheduled to review those recommendations.


The proposed Constitution and Bylaws were to be sent to all meeting participants with as much time prior to the meeting as possible for their review.

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