Jan 2009

Minutes – January 20/09
District ABA Advisory

ABA Advisory Committee Meeting January 20th 2009

Held at the Surrey Conference Centre
Meeting called to order at 7:02 by Nancy Robins

Welcome, welcome and Happy New Year


Began with introductions for new members attending.


An update and review of a recent meeting with the District followed.


Meeting Review

Meeting with Rick Ryan and Ann Turner for the District and

Nancy Robins and Eleanor MacDonald on behalf of the ABA Advisory

Held on Jan 15th 2009 at the Student Support Centre


This was a very positive meeting, with many outstanding issues reviewed and resolved.


Outstanding Issues
Q Notification for parents about the placement of an ABA SW to their child’s posting in the summer.


A Anne and Christine Thomas from HR have talked about this and next summer following the posting process Anne intends to contact all parents those who receive ABA SW’s and those for whom the District is still trying to hire.


New Question – discussion – about whether familiarization hours could happen in August – talked about District contacting ABA SW’s


Q How can we provide ABA Consultants access to the Resources List for the District so that they can select materials from and parents may not need to buy materials?


A The district feels they may not have the latest materials and that their “library” will not be as up to date as many Consultants personal resources. Integration Teachers can be asked to locate any requested materials to determine if the district already has those materials in their collection. Initially make a request for specific materials, if those are not currently available they can be requested and will be put through the vetting process to see if they can be placed on the acceptable purchase list. As for seeing the materials available, calling Ann Turner should make that accessible.


Q Can ABA SW’s with bell to bell hours get the 15 minutes consultation time that SEA’s have been given?


A Those with bell to bell coverage on a case by case basis can make a request for the time. It will be provided on a demonstrated need, based on requests through principal, classroom and integration teachers.


Q Can ABA SW’s be paid for team meeting attendance?


A Yes if those meetings are held in the home during school time when students are for some reason not in school (very rare). Or at school after regular class hours with the principal’s permission. Meetings in the home after school hours can be voluntary by the ABA SW or at the parent’s expense.


Q Where has the district’s thinking gone on the ability to compensate ABA Consultants for the time spent working on school behaviour at the school? Are there any professional services contracted to work with children in the school system?


A There are no other professional child contact services contracted in the district. Bargaining Unit work cannot be contracted out to outside suppliers. At the present time there is no ABA Consultation available through the district so Rick will go to the Superintendent and Executive Committee and ask for some funding to be set aside to pay for these services as they are not available from district staff. Based on the results of his request he may need to go to the Trustees, or upon receiving their response the ABA Advisory may decide to send their Executive to the Trustees to make this request.



Q The ABA Advisory parents are wondering if Integration Teachers could be formally excused from cases where they are against the collaborative team approach?


A The District values the collaborative approach and parents are requested to speak to their principal and Anne Turner if this problem is detected. If these situations are noted they will be resolved. There is a plan for more ABA in-service training to be offered to Integration Teachers with noted ABA Consultants as presenters.


We could be an avenue to provide extra info to IT’s that need explanations.


Q There is some mention in the SEA handbook which was also given to ABA SW’s that is inconsistent with the home and school collaboration message.


A This handbook message was a surprise to the District Meeting members and will be corrected.


Q The ABA Advisory has some reports that there are ABA SW’s working with children who do not have ABA Consultant’s working with the school program. This seems to lead to ABA SW dissatisfaction. Further it prevents children who would have ABA Consultant interaction at school from getting ABA SW’s since the demand still out strips the supply.


A The district will refer to the original November 2007 Home to School Collaboration letter outlining the need for children to be involved with ABA Consultants to have an ABA SW placed with them. The District will determine a method to identify those cases for whom this is not the case and will review that with parents and perhaps Consultants if a pattern appears.


Discussion – the ABA SW should let the district know if they are not supported by a Consultant


Q It was requested to reduce turnover and provide more information to ABA SW’s the ABA Consultant names be placed on postings.


A This question has been raised with Human Resources and will be raised again.



Parents should look at the District website for an updated version of the November 2007 Home to School Collaboration letter, which includes information on IEP responsibilities. This letter will also be posted on the ABA Advisory website shortly.


We will email any changes or updates to these issues to all members.


Question – from Louise

If there is a field trip can ABA SW’s drive kids to field trips – you can sign specific permission form at the beginning of the school year and those trips should be noted in your IEP


Elaine – Is there a rule about people who work for the district also working with families in the home? Answer – there is no rule against that – that we are aware of , time outside of school hours is the private business of the employee


Questions to the district?

1.Can we get panel dates for ABA SW’s teacher and parent panels for principals so that future principals where our kids are planning to go can learn more before we get to the school.

2.Is the district in the process of interviewing?

3.Are there still parents who are looking for ABA SW’s that you are aware of?

4.How close to capacity are they? – Parents need to continue to ask if they are interested in an ABA SW

AGM business:


The Current Executive volunteered to remain in place for the coming year, if the membership felt that was appropriate.


Elaine motions to have Nancy Robins remain as the chair – Louise seconded the nomination – unanimous

Dionne nominates Nancy Walton as the Vice Chair – Elaine seconded unanimous

Louise nominates Eleanor and Dawn seconds – unanimous

Dionne – thanks to all of you that was a lot of good news


Future Meeting Dates

April 7th 2009

June 9th

October 13th

January 12th 2010


Adjourned at 8:45


After this meeting Ann Turner sent a letter to the Executive Members stating that all Full Time ABA SW’s would be receiving 15 minutes consultation time moving their hours from 26.25 to 27.5 hours.


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