Jun 2009

Minutes – June 9/09
District ABA Advisory



Meeting called to order – by Nancy Walton – at 7:07 pm


Attendance – 10


The meeting began with updates from Ann Turner on any outstanding issues from the ABA Advisory, here are her responses –


#1 We have just received word that CUPE has approved the inclusion of the Behaviour Consultant’s name in the posting. Administration is currently compiling a master list and will submit this to HR in preparation for June 19/09 posting. Second posting will take place at the end of August.


#2 – HR will send a list of the successful applicants to schools as well as to Student Support Services office. Newly appointed ABA/SW can request the contact information of the families from either the school or SSS in order to facilitate the first step in the communication process.


#3 – Any kindergarten student supported by an ABA/SW appointed in June or August posting may go directly to Grade One with the student. Reposting of the position is not required as ABA/SW follow the rules /guidelines of the former SEA CUPE agreement.


#4 – Reposting of the position from elementary to high school continues to be a requirement.


#5 – Full hours at high school for an ABA/SW = 30 hrs. This remains in place as per CUPE agreement.


#6 – Rick and Anne would welcome an opportunity to come to an information session with the ABA Advisory to discuss safety plans or other matters of interest. The ABA Exec will set that up for early this fall.


#7- In order for a review of the ABA/SW pay scale to take place the request needs to come directly from the ABA/SW – this would then be brought forward to the job evaluation committee.


#8 – I have asked Christine Thomas as HR to update Surrey College regarding postings for ABA/SW. We will be short again this year so any opportunity you have to seek potential applicants would be much appreciated.


Questions from the members to take back to the District –


If a child moves from one school to another is a posting automatically triggered, do you have to repost. Under what conditions would it be acceptable to not repost and to have the existing ABA SW move with the child?


If your regular ABA SW calls in sick – what happens – can they call ask for a specific replacement who may have been successful with your child before – what might it take to make that possible?


A former ABA SW who would like to be on call for the district? Is that possible? Training already in place person with many hours has an outside part time job which is a shift work job and sometimes leaves school hours open?


Can we get the dates for the Information Meetings ahead of time? So that we can ensure marketing is completed in the correct places to get qualified ABA SW applicants to enter the Surrey College Course.


For schools that provide summer school – can parents get ABA SW’s for those programs? If the school cannot pay – can I pay my ABA SW to cover that time? If not what are the alternatives?


Ann please provide information to IT’s, Principals at both levels, so that they are prepared for new ABA students and during school year moves, to ensure that children get the ABA support their parents request.


Integration Teacher issues

Several parents have been told by their IT’s that they may not speak to the ABA SW about their child. One was also told that she was not entitled to a Communication Book.


Parents have a general concern that parents are not able to formally talk to Aide’s with all children. In other districts what is the policy. What is the rule and how is it applied.

Speech Therapy

Is there a cut off for speech services? Some parents have been lead to believe in their schools that they have reached a cut off. Who do you contact to get speech services?


Next time

If you have questions for Ann and Rick – for the first of the year please email them to Nancy Robins.


General note from the parents discussion


– It is a good idea to have other SEA’s in your school know your child enough to cover short term issues.


Post flyer on our website for finding ABA SW’s.



Adjourned at 8:45


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