Jan 2011

January 18, 2011
District ABA Advisory
Meeting called to order 7:10


Attendance – 12


Welcome from Nancy Robins, reminder that this is our AGM.


Meeting dates for 2011

April 5th 2011

June 7th 2011

September 20th 2011

January 17th 2012


Some new parents in attendance so there were introductions around the room.


Nancy W gave a brief history of how we got ABA Sw’s in the district. We will be posting this history on our website for the benefit of future parent members.


There was a recommendation to mention to Ann Turner to please let future Kindergarten parents know that the ABA Advisory exists.


There was a question about the 15 hours familiarization time and is there an obligation to do that time – one family has an ABA SW that will not do that time with their child – answer, there is no obligation, it is a negotiation and it should be apparent that the time is needed however there is no obligation for an ABA SW to work outside the school hours


Some parents have a continued problem with Principals, IT, and teachers not letting Consultants in the school. It was recommended that requests be made in writing (or via email) and that those be copied to Ann Turner and the Assistant Superintendant of the area once a time has passed with no response from principals or teachers.


Motion by Elaine and Seconded by Dawn

The Advisory Exec will write a letter to the district asking that part time ABA SW’s be put on the spare board so that they can be requested in times of absence.


Nancy W – talked about the nomination of Rick Ryan for an Inclusive Education Award. His nomination letter will be posted on the website, thanks to the parents who helped in the process.


Steve B opened the nominations for executive positions, Del seconded.


Nancy R, Nancy W and Eleanor M agreed to stand.


They were acclaimed Elaine motioned and Del seconded.


Parents were reminded that they did not need to wait for meetings to bring up questions they could contact the Exec members or the ABA Advisory email address and talk about issues as they happen.


The members agreed that they would like to ask Sharon Baxter and Ann Turner to speak at upcoming meetings.


Question about hour reductions in High School – the comment was that these are common and it makes it harder to get an ABA SW who wants to go to Secondary School


Parents would like to be able to get HS teachers to come to see grade 7’s earlier in the year to understand what ABA looks like in the classroom.

(comment from Ann – visits are made later in the year – after Feb usually, last year BASES Dept heads and IT’s met to build the relationships and work on the transition plans) Note: BASES = Building Academic, Social and Employment Skills


Question to Ann – if team in-service is happening again, how can parents get their teams involved?

(Ann’s answer – she will look into this and let us know)


Question – was there a hiring freeze until March?

(answer from Ann – there was and is no hiring freeze. There are currently 75 ABA SW’s with about 12 families waiting)


Question is there a risk with too many people coming to Surrey for ABA SW’s that there will not be enough money to cover those services?


Question – is there a CUPE rep for ABA SW’s or do they share a rep with SEA’s?


Question – when do hours get determined?



Adjourned 8:30

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