Jan 2014

ABA Advisory AGM – January 22, 2014
12 members in attendance
Nancy Walton, Nancy Robins, Elaine Raynault, Dawn Weishuhm and Juliane Khadra in attendance. Regrets: Eleanore McDonald
1. Adopt the minutes for the November 27th Meeting
2. Vote on Directors
a. Nancy Robins, Nancy Walton, Eleanor McDonald, Elaine Raynault, Juliane Khadra, Dawn Weishuhm.
b. First and seconded, carried
3. The District ABA Handbook defining the ABA SWs job are. We will follow up with Catherine to see if the handbook is being made and if there is a date for release. If there is no date for release, then we will write a letter to Jordan Tinney to have this booklet a priority.
4. Instructions for how to get an ABA SW the first time and how to put out new postings for an existing position should be on the district website (FAQS). Including information about when a parent should submit paper work and when should BI’s apply to the district. If there is a date for this being posted then we will be fine, if not, then we will write a letter to Jordan Tinney asking that this be a priority. Meanwhile, we will ask SSS for details so we can fan details out to our members.
5. A member has been sent forms to fill out for getting an ABA SW again next year. Juliane will contact Michele Schmidt to determine if this is something all members must do and to ask why it’s being done. We were told in a previous meeting that Student Support Services would not ask for the forms if a child already has the ABA SW.
6. Consultants meeting with the district – the consultants meeting seemed to only be consultants with K students. Should have included all consultants with students in the district. Nancy W will ask Sharon what they talk about, what’s covered. How was the meeting. Is there need for further meetings?
7. ABA SW must take the course. Parents should no longer tell their BI’s that they don’t have to take the course. Students must have 500 hours before applying to the course.
8. Nancy Walton will ask Sharon Baxter about getting the Surrey College course recognized by SFU, Capilano College or Douglas College for course credits.
9. ABA SW who appears to be unqualified is going from one parent to another. One in particular cannot take data and has not passed the course. What will the district do to ensure that ABA SWs can do ABA once they have been hired by the district? We do not want parent after parent complaining as an ABA SW moves around.
10. Seclusion Rooms – the ABA Advisory would like the district to develop a plan for the use of Seclusion rooms that could include a behaviour plan, parent permission and data. We would like to have input into such a plan.
11. Future dates April 2, October 1, 2014 and January 7, 2015.
12. Meeting adjourned 8:55pm.

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