October 2014

ABA Advisory                                                                                     October 8th Meeting

Attendance 13 people

Welcome and Call to Order   7pm

Adoption of Agenda  – Del motion, seconded by Irene

Adoption of previous meeting minutes – May 7, 2014 – Irene motion, seconded EM

Brief Introductions

Update on new website/email data base and Facebook group page.



District ABA Advisory – FB group

                Letter to consultants (EM)

Details provided regarding teacher’s settlement and how it impacts our kids.

Learning improvement fund + from $75 mil to $90 mil

20% used to fund support staff

2.3 mil increase for Surrey.  46,000 for support staff

Info provided on Class action lawsuit for the exclusion of the $40/September strike day for special needs teens.   BC Parents of Special Needs Children Class Action Suit Discussion  (FB)

290 members

Update on number of ABA SW

New hires since since July 1, 2014, 30

Shortage – 75

Total ABA SW in district today 153

No hours are waitlisted at the moment


There is a rumour that EA’s can become ABA SW’s by taking a

RBT— Registered behaviour technician course offered by the district.

Not true it is an add on course for EAs. Most likely will be offered to EA’s currently in ABA positions. Taught by Preet.  The advisory will ask the district if it is being taught to the specs of the BCBA organization including intense supervision. 5% hrs supervised and only 1X per month can be group supervision, so therefore 1X per moth 1:1 observation.  This recognizes that extra training is necessary to work with ABA children, could be good.

As a note there are multicultural workers for families who speak other languages to help with school meetings.

A question was asked about how many IT’s there are in the district? And what are their caseloads, some parents feel they do not get enough time from their IT’s and this may be a reason.

Catherine (Remedios)Sereda suggested for us to write letters to the board of trusties, MLAs and Ministry of Education regarding fighting for hours for all the kids that need them.

What to do if your child does not get the hours they need.

-Don’t let child go to school unsupported

-Make yourself available for follow up conversations.

-Always talk to the next level person in the organization (teacher, IT, principal, Michelle Schmidt, Assistant Superintendent, , Catherine Sereda

– keep written records of conversations – email them with descriptions of what you felt was said so they can respond


ER – met with CUPE president at an event – it was made very clear that the CUPE position is that all support people are equal and that they feel any child can be supported by anyone – it is more important who the adults are in the workplace than the children being helped

Update regarding written statement from CR/MS regarding processes that would eventually be on the school district website and ABA District Advisory

New collaboration  doc in draft form to be shared at meeting in December.

ABA SW Handbook.  – no work completed on it during summer due to strike

Reminder to parents who sign off hours that they should be the ones e-mailing them in to the school district.

Continued questions about whether or not a parent can talk to an ABA SW at the end of the day, suggestion to talk to teacher and include them in some of those discussions to encourage them allowing those discussions.

Adjourned at 8:37 motion by Del seconded by Jennifer.

Discussion followed adjournment on consultant concerns from several parents.

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