January 2015

January 21st


Next meeting dates April 8th, Sept 30th and January 20th 2016


Meeting call to order at 7:03


Attendance 16


Minutes approved Kari seconded Jen

Agenda approved Dione, seconded Jackie


ER – intros  – followed round room.


ER talked about last meeting with district – started with Collaboration document changes


  • Concern around language in permission form – for sharing information and visitations
  • Parents would like language that states district will not contact consultant before contacting parents – issue worry that district will spend AFU funds on consultant without parents knowledge


  • Teacher can delegate daily contact


  • Communications between school and parent – google and drop box storage may both be American based which is not acceptable for privacy legistaion – fresh grade may be an option – district is looking into this


  • Explanation of RBT program that was run last spring
  • Asked parents if they would be interested in a two tier system where there are ABA SW and then RBT EA’s available to work with ABA kids
  • Concern from some parents that this may water down Hewko decision
  • Discussion about college course and ABA SW’s who have EA can do medical procedures
  • Meeting planned with new College Principal for Surrey College on ABA SW course


Louise acted as election officer

Read rules and procedures called for nominations


Nicole – VP

Jen – Secretary and Bob Secretary

Immediate Past Chair – EM

Chair – Elaine

Director – Jackie


Questions –


Could presentation Preet gave principals be delivered to ABA Advisory meeting? – could consultations come


Who is in charge of supervising quality of ABA done in schools – Principals


Concern that we do not have Collaboration by some parents – semantic discussion


Adjourn at 9:06

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