October 2015

October 7 2015 Meeting Minutes

Meeting call to order at 7:06 pm

Attendance: 13

Minutes from June meeting approved Louise, seconded Del

Agenda approved Nicole, seconded Louise


ER-New District Principal Joanna Angelidis

Advisory executive to meet with school district staff on December 9 2015

ER-Home/School collaboration document available for review


What is purpose of 15 familiarization hours? For ABASW to become familiar with consultant and home program

Do EAs follow collaboration document? No, it is specific to ABASW position

Are EAs required to take data? No, but should be expectation if filling ABASW posting

ER-SW Handbook


Are ABASWs and EAs equal (in terms of pay)? Yes

If EA is bumped out of position by ABASW, what happens to EA. Believed they are assigned elsewhere/reallocated

ER-Clarifying the posting process and ‘child-specific’ positions

If EA takes ABASW posting, is it a child specific position? Depends on needs of child—if high needs, may request this position to be child specific. Typically EAs are school based, rather than child specific

Regarding ABASW position postings—parents have right to be involved in writing posting. List the consultant. Recommend making posting ‘worst case scenario’ if you have a BI in mind for posting

1st round of postings in early August for existing ABASWs


2nd round is ‘new hire meeting’ where all new ABASWs have same hire date (same seniority)

‘matching process’ happens in person (late August)

3rd meeting Autism-trained EAs can post into available positions (POPARD course completion required)

If EA posts into ABASW position, EA doesn’t ‘own’ position (so long as family’s request for ABASW remains open)

ER-Meaningful & Collaborative Consultation document

Recommend taking the time to understand how the district works


How to establish positive relationship with school/school admin? Set up meeting, talk about your child’s journey. Do this before you are in a crisis situation. Get involved (volunteer, attend PAC meetings etc.)

How many EAs are filling ABASW positions now? 120

Why is 1000 hours the required number of hours to work for the district? Attainable, but allows for sufficient experience with a minimum of two families/home programs

Can we ask EA to sign as BI on home team? Is up to EA.

Who can request meetings with school staff? Can be school team, parent. Communicate reason for meeting ahead of time. If there is a meeting about your child (at school), meaningful consultation dictates that the parents are included in the meeting.

Next meeting date: Jan 20 2015

Meeting adjourned 9:05pm

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