February 2016

Parent meeting and AGM at DEC

February 3 2016

In attendance:  30 parents and Joanna Angelidis (District Principal, Student Services)

Meeting called to order at 7:10pm

Joanna Angelidis:

Her responsibility is supporting families of children with ASD

Providing access to support

ABA SW and EA resourcing

Trying to solve complex problems

Contractual limitations

Health and Safety concerns

2 Behaviour consultants work with the district Preetinder Narang and  Tina Gunn

Standards in place

Safe, orderly, accessible

Making learning experiences accessible (teaching children how to cope in situations)

Preserving dignity-for every child, staff member, family

‘Comfortable failure’-facilitate learning opportunity: Consciously and collaboratively step back and allow child to experience failure to help child develop independence.

Why do we operate this way?

Care about every child

School Act legislation-legally obligated

Hope to enable each child to reach their potential. “Potential-acquire-contribute”

Shared work with parents and ABA SWs—overlap between home and school leads to better outcomes

Empowering and collaboration

Question about applying for ABA SW

2 processes:

Initial request for ABA SW Due March 1st should be Sent to IST. Includes a copy of BC’s resume—unless BC is on district’s approved BC list.  Indicate on form if have an ABA SW in mind for a match. It is up  to HR to interview and hire ABA SW

Continuing ABA SW application Due March 1st and is sent to IST/LST/Bases teachers.

Include evidence of BC involvement (outline of home program, behaviour plan, last team meeting notes, observation notes from last school visit)

Forms to ‘authorize observations’ and authorization to send/share information’.

Matches are not guaranteed

Principals receive entitlements in May for ASD children registered for  September

Positions are created based on entitlements

EAs posting round in June / ABA SWs posting round August 15-25 / New hire meeting August 25

Existing ABA SWs can post into position

If there was a match in mind for the child, usually the district staff can speak to candidate about taking another position. This must be voluntary.

On posting description, BC can be named. Parents can have input via principal

Levelled hours for support

K and grade 1     27.5 hours

Grade 2-7            25 hours

Grade 8                                25 hours

Sometimes limited by contractual limitations

Transition from gr 7 to gr 8—support position must be posted

Find ways to address child’s needs

Question: Who owns form/programs at school?

Parent has been refused to take child’s programs home at end of school year

Private information

All class work goes home, why not programs?

                Parents entwined in child’s life, involvement with school, BC, ABA SW

Collaboration between parties

Inconsistencies exist between schools

Desire to make policies transparent and consistent

Looking for ways to share information with school staff in a friendly way. Would ABA sound byte be possible?

Question: What to do when Classroom Teacher (CT) Is not following adaptations?

Adaptations recommended by BC

ABA SW can’t take action if CT is not onboard

Ask why CT is not adapting: Does CT not know how? Power play? Overwhelmed? District may offer helping teacher, resources

Question: BC is not BCBA, requires supervision?

Goal to clear up BC list, who requires supervision, who are the BCBAs? What is standard? What is expectation?  Why does BC require BCBA—what is rationale?

Question:  Is the district list of ‘approved’ consultants available to parents?

No due to privacy concerns. Parent may request information on a case by case basis for specific BC

Question: Is there a mandatory number of observations by the BC per school year?

District would like 3/school year

Meaningful collaboration includes school observations, IEP/IEP review, email exchange etc

Question: What does “universal design for learning” mean?

Every child has their learning path

Want to develop path to have as many kids along path as often as possible

Employ strategies to get students back on path

Some students need slightly different path

Thank you and goodbye to Joanna


ER-history of ABA SW program

Before ABA SW, there was an ABA EA position

Collaborative effort with SD36

6 people have been in Joanna’s position in the last 10 years

Joanna’s focus is ASD

Michelle Schmidt is only involved with ASD students in an overage year

Catherine Sereda is Director of Instruction

Advisory Executive Elections

Elaine Reynault-Chair

Nicole Kaler-Vice Chair

Jen Antic-Secretary

Eleanor MacDonald-Member at Large

Question: What do parents want to see from Joanna?

Form to say what ABA SWs does

Consistency between administrators/schools lacking—ABA sound byte good idea (brief, catchy)

ABA SW handbook is same as EA handbook

Such high turnover in Student Services role (Joanna’s role)

First time a district principal has been in specific ASD role

Hoping for improved continuity

ProD day in-service-ABA SW, Administrators, EAs, IST

Surrey College Course

Newly hired ABA SWs (in last two years) have to sign contract committing to take Surrey College Course

HR applying pressure on ABA SWs to take the course

Unless the district has a surplus of ABA SWs, district won’t fire ABA SW for not taking course

ABA SWs can email Joanna if there is a problem about the Surrey College requirement

Joanna is trying to alleviate pressure/looking for alternatives (i.e. course credit at other institutions, offering payroll deduction for tuition)

ABA SW forms

Goal to have ABA SW forms simplified, less confusing and alarming

Question: What will district do to fill 100-120 vacant spots?

District continually post for ABA SW candidates (unlike EAs)

Created EA-BT position (suited for families wanting ABA SW, but not bringing candidate in for matching process)

EA-BTs are supervised by district BCBAs.  No pay difference for becoming a BT. Course is taken on the EAs own time.

Question: Any chance 1,000 hours requirement be lowered?

Unlikely. Benchmark parents and district agreed on.

Next meeting May 4th (subject to change)

Meeting adjourned 9:07pm

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