October 2016

General Meeting–October 17 2016

Meeting called to order 7:07pm

Welcome, Introduction and History

Advisory similar to school based PAC, but for whole district

Try to deal with systemic issues

Formed 11 years ago

Striving for consistency between home and school ABA programs

In 11 years, we are on our 7th contact person at district level

Contact families through the Facebook group

Advisory Exec will meet with Michelle Monday Nov 14 at 10am

New Business

  1. District Update

Joanna Angelidis moved to Delta school district

New DP was just hired and will begin Nov 9th

Michelle now Director of Instruction

Catherine now North Area Superintendent and out of Ed Services (Guildford/Fleetwood)

Ross Brennan—City Center

Lynda Reeve—WR/South Surrey

Andrew Holland – Cloverdale/Clayton

Christy Northway—Newton

  1. IEPs

Michelle’s memo to Elaine—no anticipated changes for 2016-2017

Should have already happened or be booked for the near future

No changes to district policy surrounding this

Michelle says confusion most likely stems from something Joanna was working on and her departure

Make sure your BCBA is at meeting and that you have support

Social Workers (SCD consultants) can also attend

Families need to consulted about the date

IEP should be meaningful document that reflect ABA program goals

Advisory issues and successes from our meetings with Joanna last year

Involvement of district BCBAs

Great that SD36 is hiring BCBAs, now 3 in place

Tough role to fill especially when family has involved BCBA

Ethics need to be examined

Make it known to your school that you want to be informed of district specialist involvement

Will SD36 let family know if district BCBA observes child—depends on situation

Recommend that family tells principal you want to know if consult happens

Want to ensure collaboration

District might provide feedback with an ‘on the fly’ consult

Some families are benefiting from district BCBAs

Concern from parent that all weight would be on SD36 recommendations, discount family’s BCBA behaviour plan

District is looking to hire more BCBAs

Exam week (BASES students)

Increased by 2 days

Not relevant this year due to canceled exams

Last day of school is June 29th

Letter on district website, Joanna helped facilitate this

Attended K orientation meeting in February

New ABASW orientation happened—Preetinder ran the orientation

Question regarding data and communication

Now is the time to have this clearly set up

Families pay for programs and have a right to a copy of all data taken

It is also the school’s right to store data/programs run at school

If this is the case family can insist that this is confidential and secure.

Communication should be in place

Needs to be meaningful for all parties

Checklists that include children are good for recall but not necessarily effective communication for SBT and family.

Email, Google Doc, paper communication book, sending data forms back and forth are all options

CT needs to be included. Confidentiality of other students needs to be respected.

The district does not want to see SWs “initiating” communication that should come from CT

School to home communication should be considered case-by-case basis that makes sense


Based on IEP

Data collection needs to be efficient and user friendly

If you have an EA or a less capable SW, consider simplifying

Varies from school to school, but some ISTs want to be involved in form creation. If this is the case, make sure this is collaborative with your BCBA.

Team Meetings

Not mandatory (district needs to communicate this)

SWs are not barred from attending by any district policy.

If during the school day, and mandatory, a school safety manager needs to inspect the house to ensure it is a safe environment (one time inspection)


Future Plans for 2016-2017

Work with new DP to revise renewal forms

Discuss arbitrary hour allocation

Questions and Open Forum

Suggestion to write a narrative account of student’s journey—where did we come from, what have we overcome, what are we worried about reverting to?

ABASW   ‘child specific’ position—in early years, some ABASW stuck with ASD student, did not help other students. Set up negative perception with other staff and admin

Arbitrary hour allocation—requesting thoughtful reduction with careful consideration

SD36 wants simple allocation tool—budget driven, logistical considerations

January is a good time for families to open conversation about support hours

Families and schools need to think about where independence can happen across school day, take data on new independent times, evidence of trying to increase independence

Families fear that if hours are reduced, will be unable to get hours back again

Escalating concerns—if admin not responding in timely manner, escalate to next level

Does advisory have FAQ sheets to cover off such questions as: are team meetings allowed, is data collection permitted?

Home/school collaboration document. ABASW application process should answer some of these questions.

Adjournment 9:08 pm

Next meeting Monday January 23 7pm (subject to change)


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