June 2017

Parent Meeting—June 12 2017 (Doug Roch and Deena Buckley in attendance)

Meeting called to order 7:05pm (39 parents in attendance)


Doug-20 years in education, ½ in special education including ASD, behaviour challenges, resource rooms, admin

Deena-VSB 22 years, 13 years teaching, 8 admin, passion for special ed

-Liaise with families and school-based team

3 District principals in SD36-look after ISTs, BASES, LST, Advisory, POPARD, Autism Team, Intensive intervention program, EAs, YCC

Q: What is your vision of the SW program?

DB-don’t have a vision. Want program to be successful for the child. Grow programs that work to do the best for the child. Grow and make the program better

DR-research best practices. BCBAs provide wrap-around services. Consistency is best approach.

DB-wants to keep working together

Comment from parent:  unique program in Canada, shocked there is no vision. Merry-go-round for parents. How much do we fight for our children? Inclusion does not exist.

DB-value what’s happening, strong relationship with Advisory

DR-maintenance of excellent program, robust SW, communication

DB-support better messaging—why ABA is important to families, why ABA is beneficial in school setting

Q: Hours allocation was introduced without communication. What was the vision behind hrs allocation? What is vision going forward?

DB-don’t want to be taken out of context. We offer what is valued for families

DR-recognize research behind ABA, want it to be successful and sustainable

Q: What info do you want? What would be helpful for you to know? What is protocol?

DR- Your main relationship is at school. Any questions about child’s program-start with CT, then IST, then VP, Principal, DP (and/or District Advisory for guidance)

DB-important to support families, parent knows child best, collaboration

Q: How were hours allocations determined for 2017-2018

DB-2 yrs ago, slight adjustment took place

This year came up with a baseline(25 hours), principals had rationale sheets, attach school support schedule including EA and SW.

Q: Incoming Kindergartners, how many hours?

DB-message to school—base hours to be communicated, admin come back to DPs

Don’t want to start the year with nothing left to give

Q: Were needs of kids in school system considered (i.e. scale back more independant kids)?

DB-had to come up with solution, no opportunity to pilot allocation tool, change is hard

DR-efficient ways to allocate resources

Base-K and students new to SW, 16 hours, max 27.5

If given EA-8 hours, if move to SW-8 hours

Q: meaningful consultation with school? Limited to specific school’s ‘buy-in’ to ABA

DB-lack of understanding of ABA, how does school staff learn, IST should be well-versed

Survey of admin, interest in SEd, interest in learning more about ABA

DR-tool box sessions for IST and Admin, Dr Kenneth Cole

POPARD training, BCBA will be involved

DB-hired 65 IST, run monthly meetings for training

Q: In school, how do SW and EA roles differ?  SW student-centred, but in actuality piggybacking, manipulation of hours. SW is not able to intervene because of CT.

DR-want to work toward independence, look toward fading when child having successful moments

DB-what does successful independence look like for the child? Try to solve the situation at school. Want families to feel heard through DP and Advisory.

DB-Province-wide shortage of support workers (EA and SW)

*Surrey has more specific criteria to hire EA, not enough candidates, failure to fill

Q: Tips for families transitioning to a new SW? DR: use familiarization hours (15), hours optional for SW

Q: How to allocate hours moving forward

DB- Based on need (every year), don’t want admin to have to re-advocate year after year

Post-mortem in July, meet in Sept so as to not re-invent the wheel

DR-Shifting needs: some increases, some decreases. Meet needs of child

DB-tool box sessions for Admin

Q: Are IST meetings mandatory?  DB: Monthly, all IST generally attend

Q: CUPE seniority-obligation to abide by collective agreement; work through HR, must work with union

Q: If not student-centered, not flexible, doesn’t that impact student’s Human Rights?

Q: EA-BT-what is the qualification?

District grown initiative, data collection, work with kids who qualify for SW, but assigned EA

Training on EAs own time, not RBTs, localized designation. 30-40 in district

DB/DR-we welcome emails, very busy, delayed response

****Doug and Deena depart****

ER-Introduction of program

11th year of program, created in wake of Hewko case

Advisory functions as communication conduit, represent parents’ needs, pass along information

No replacement for parent advocacy, new DPs rotating door, clear and accurate information

We can’t replace parents’ voice

Meant to work on systemic issues

Advise parents to learn escalation process

Q: POPARD-as ABA expert?  TBD with district

Q: How do we bring up knowledge in the district?

Q: What is required for IEP meetings? 1 mandatory, 1 optional in spring

Independence needs to be measurable on your IEP

Child-centered vs. child-specific, though ensure target child is making gains

SD36 looking for ways to combine support hours

Co-therapy agreements-meaningful consultation—parents must be notified

Q: If DBS makes recommendations, is CT bound by them?

CT is allowed to ask for DBS. DBS should inform parent

*SW posting round Aug 4-14       *New hire meeting August 24

Adjournment 9:05 pm

Next meeting October 18 2017

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