May 2018

District ABA Advisory Parent Meeting
May 29, 2018
38 Parents in attendance
Meeting called to order at 7pm
Explanation for the purpose of ABA Advisory
-Motion to approve agenda by Jackie, seconded by Jenn
-Motion to approve previous minutes from Jan 29, 2018 meeting by Jackie, seconded
by Jenn
April 24 th 2018 meeting with School Board members Deana, Karen and Michelle
  -Karen Greaux is now hired as permanent, responsible for all G allocations
   -Deana Buckley is our main contact
    -ABA Parent Advisory Letter to new parents is now on the district website but difficult to  find, located under: Parents ; Special Needs Support ; Education Services dept
website ; Home School Collaboration (Documents heading) then select ABA
 More students entering the school district then leaving
Meeting Discussions
 Do EA workers have a maximum number of students to EA? What is the current ratio?
Believed to be currently 2.3 children to 1 EA ratio
 Who creates ABA posting description? The principal. ABA SW posting has the BCBA’s
name attached to the posting with a few descriptors. Try to make your child’s
challenges as clear as possible in the postings, eg) “fecal smearing, bolting, active
community outings, child-specific training needed for this child”
 What to do at kindergarten; high school transition meetings? What does school
need? Tell them about your child’s needs and behaviours, especially bolting risks,
toileting and meltdown triggers. Establish the most efficient method of communication
between school and home, eg) communication book, email reports weekly/biweekly,
monthly meetings at school.
 Toxic workplace concerns for ABA SW. There is tension between regular EA and ABA
SW’s. EA’s greatly outnumber ABA SW, ABA workers are isolated contributing to
stress and job dissatisfaction. Is there a code of conduct? How can parents help
acceptance of ABA SW in schools?
 Assistance with parent advocacy in resolving conflicts with school. There are local
parent Autism Support Network meetings. Location and dates can be found on the
website, there are many experienced parents at these meetings. Also the Semiahmoo
House Society- Family Services.

 Once you get to know your allocation hours, if your child’s hours will not meet their
needs discuss with your teacher, IST and principal. Request your principal submit the
exceptions form to request more support ASAP. If principal refuses, follow the
escalation process.
 Board of Education (BOE) meetings. Parents can address the board directly with one
question. Next June 20, 2018.
 EA continuity requests. May be requested where EA is filling ABA SW position, moving
from grade 7 to 8, or moving schools. Talk to principal, explain desire to keep SW or
EA. Follow the escalation process:
1) Principal
2) District Principal
3) Assistant Superintendent
4) Superintendent
5) Section 11- BOE formal complaint
6) File Human Rights Complaint
Current Projects
Independence Tool – seems to be put on back burner by district.
Advisory Guiding Principals – still need a mission statement or vision statement.
Future Projects
Parents want ABA Advisory Committee to discuss with school board:
– trauma/PSTD support for EA ad ABA SW
– policy for EA/ABA SW’s to debrief and destress after an incident
– address toxic workplace faced by ABA SW
Next Meeting TBA in late Sept early October 2018
Meeting Adjourned 9:15

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