October, 2018

District ABA Advisory Parent Meeting
October 29, 2018

— Parents in attendance. Elaine, Polly and Nicole B. representing the Advisory.

Meeting called to order at 7:15pm

Explanation for the purpose of ABA Advisory
Motion to approve agenda by Ming, seconded by Louise
Motion to approve previous minutes from May 28, 2018 meeting by Kuljinder,
seconded by Mina

Meeting With District October 18, 2018

i) Assessment Tool. Concerns the advisory presented to the district:
– Meaningful consultation, requested that parents be included, perhaps when spring IEP meeting is done
– lack of domains like: processing delay and working memory;
– executive functioning and emotional regulation need to be separated
– mental health is not taken into consideration, ie OCD, anxiety, depression
– tool is based on physical needs, autism is a mental health disability not physical disability
– the full day’s behaviours are not captured without parent involvement (SD stance is that they are only concerned with behaviours at school)
– language and communication on the tool is limited, only addresses non-verbal augmentation needs, not verbal students with non-functional language skills (eg. echolalia, scripting).

Discussion tonight: Parents identified during our meeting other concerns with tool including: lack of dual diagnosis, adaptability and flexibility, transitioning, attention span and focus, level of dependence on specifically trained EA/ABA SW for behaviour management.

ii) Exclusion
-If a child is being sent home or asked to stay home for extended gradual entry, parents should enquire about the Safety Plan or Positive Behaviour Support Plan (PBSP). Chances are this is a strategy that has been “agreed upon” in the Safety or PBSP.
-Even with extended gradual entry, SD has a deadline of Sept 30th to have the child in school full time.

Discussion tonight: Safety Plan vs PBSP. Safety plan is a plan put in place for the staff’s safety not the child’s, eg) child hitting, biting others. PBSP is a formal plan for the safety of the child, eg) bolting.
Please report any events of exclusion to exclusion survey including partial days, being asked to pick up early, asked to keep child home because EA/ABA SW is absent, or exclusion from field trips. Exclusion Survey http://bit.ly/bcedaccess

iii) Debrief of Support Staff (after school incident)
– The district has a policy and procedure. If a violent or significant event has occurred the school must make a report that goes to Dena Buckley, District Principal. A teacher, a union representative and the affected staff member must be present when report is filed. Report triggers a Safety Plan. If repeated reports are triggered then Deena becomes involved. Staff are responsible for accessing Counselling services through employee benefits. It won’t be suggested to the staff member.

Discussion tonight: Are the parents notified every time a report is filed? Are reports being filed each time?

iv) Royal Heights preschool program
– Clair Egan and Sharon Baxter are running an ABA preschool out of Royal Heights Elem. School. There are 4 AM and 4 PM spots. Parents can combine AFU funding and K funding to attend full days, 5 days a week in preparation for Kindergarten. All $22 000 goes to school. This would be a good option for families who cannot run a home program.

v) New IEP
– Form is short. Based on new core competencies curriculum.

vi) Ministry of Education update
– Nicole had a meeting with Rob Flemming. Unfortunately, Nicole wasn’t able to make the meeting to elaborate.
– The BC Ed Access group working to put pressure on Rob Flemming/ministry.

vii) Board of Education Update- future meetings, question period: November 21, 2018, December 12, 2018, January 23, 2019, February 20, 2019, March 13, 2019, April 17, 2019, May 15, 2019, June 19, 2019. You can pose a question, no answer that night but an answer will be mailed to you later.

viii) Advisory Moving Forward
– Advocacy vs Advisory role. Some of the Advisory members are actively engaged in disputes with the SD. It puts a strain on the Advisory’s relationship with the SD. Those members would like to move into the Advocacy role with the newly formed group ‘Active Advocacy for Special Needs Students in Surrey SD 36- Parent’s Only’ (aka “Parents for Informed Student Support and Educational Decisions”)
– Advisory needs new leaders to step up next AGM in January.

Misc) School bus services are available for all special needs children with a designation in the school district.

5.) Discussion on Future Projects/Advisory Focus
– Keep working on Assessment tool
Request posting for EABT specifically. Currently have to drop ABA SW post and repost as EA with the BT request written into it. BT is more of a wish list not a requirement for applicant.
– Let BT’s have first crack at vacant ABA SW posts before regular EA’s.
– Mail out links to resources for BCEdAccess petition and exclusion, local Autism Support Network meetings, Board of Education PDF form for Questions

6.) Next meeting is AGM in January 2019
7.) Adjournment 9:45

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