Feb. 20, 2019

Meeting at DEC District ABA Parent Advisory
Feb. 20, 2019
Meeting called to order at 7:10pm
Advisory Executive Parents in Attendance: Nicole K., Polly, Elaine, Nicole B.
18 people in attendance

-Description of ABA Advisory
Motion to approve agenda by Rebecca, seconded by Jenn
Motion to approve previous minutes from October 29, 2018 meeting by Jenn, seconded by Anton
b)New Process to Request Continuity with EA or SW in a position they do not own
-district created new format by working with CUPE to create a Letter of Understanding in the collective agreement
-Letter of intention and form to fill out
-official request for continuity
-applies if ABA position not filled by ABA-SW or when a SW is covering a mat leave or when moving to a new school the next year
-ABA renewal forms and continuity requests due by March 1st
c) New parents concerned about number of hours entering Kindergarten
-parents reminded about asking for familiarization hours for new employee working with their child
-document all communications/ timeline
-Escalation Process
-go through proper procedures to be efficient/effective
1)Start with classroom teacher (CRT) /IST
3)Education Services Dept., ie. Karen, Deena and Michelle
4)Assistant Area Superintendent
5)Superintendent Jordan Tinney
6)File Section 11 appeal with Board of Education (B.O.E.)

Document all “declinations” or “NO”
-there are 6 area superintendents in Surrey SD
d) Needs Assessment Tool
-to be completed by school-based team by April
-Aspects of the tool that parents feel are missing are:
-executive functioning and emotional regulation need to be separated—students can have significant needs in each area and they are not the same category.
-processing delay and working memory are not recognized
-mental health not taken into consideration, ie OCD, anxiety, depression (some of this may be addressed in the new “Emotional” category.
-the child’s full day of behaviours is not captured. IE. school refusal and meltdowns after school as a result of school-based stress.
-doesn’t address language vs communication needs such as echolalia and non-functional speech in “verbal” children
-doesn’t consider receptive language skills needed for understanding in the classroom
-dual diagnosis
-adaptability and flexibility
-attention span and focus
-level of dependence on specifically trained EA/ABA SW for behaviour management
-Current support in place and whether it is sufficient to support needs and why

-Parents are encouraged to send a 1 page letter detailing concerns not addressed in tool to the school to be submitted along with the tool
-full day picture of child
-2nd year in use by district
-Executive panel was introduced to district IST helper Julie Grundy-mentors new IST’s in elementary schools in SD
-parents raised concerns that secondary school IST’s not trained similar to elementary IST’s ; High school resources not adequate ; LST/BASES needs not adequately addressed – To be brought up with SD
e) Miscellaneous items
-new IEP format in use, better for multiple diagnosis
-WTK meeting Feb. 25 at 6:00 pm at DEC
-combining hours
-PT positions
-1 Posting for 2 kids, schools are supposed to be sharing info with parents
f) ABA renewal form consent
-SD bringing in experts in advance, parents will be notified afterwards, parents giving consent by signing ABA renewal request form.
-parents should be meaningfully consulted, BCBA recommendations should be considered
-form not changing this year as per SD
g) Role of ABA advisory
-Our mission is as a parent advisory not advocacy
-represent parents
-bound by ethics rules
h) New members of Executive
-Chair: Nicole B.
-Vice-chair: Stephanie K.
-Co-secretaries: Polly B. and Kathryn P.
-Immediate Past chair: Elaine R.
i) Parents encouraged to have budget input at http://www.placespeak.com/sd36budget
Next meeting in May. Meeting Adjourned at 8:45 pm.

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