May 9, 2019

Meeting called to order at 7:07 pm by Nicole B. There were 5 members of the executive, and 19 parents present.
• Brief introductions of current executive
• Reminders to check the website – for information
• Facebook group: called Surrey District ABA Advisory
• Purpose of the advisory is to :
Provide parents with a forum for discussion of issues affecting the health, welfare and education of our children
•Advise the Surrey School District of parents’ views on educational issues.
•Provide information to parents on decisions made by the District.
•Provide ongoing support for parents.
•Encourage co-operation and communication among all the participants in the education system.
•Inform parents of their rights in the education process, and assist them in obtaining information at all levels.
To advise not advocate.
• Advocacy group on Facebook: called Parents for Informed Student Support and Education Decisions – SD36
Approval of Minutes from February 20, 2019
• Moved by Jenn N, seconded by Debbie N.
Approval of Agenda:
• Removed line item about Update on Welcome to K as there was nothing to update
• Moved by Elaine R., seconded by Jenn N.
New Parents:
• There is an FAQ that has recently been updated. Will be posted to the Facebook group.
• Be aware that there is a pamphlet put out by the Autism Support Network that can address basic questions. It is available for members to take. Also note that they have various meetings in South Surrey, & Langley, with workshops on Welcome to Autism, Next Steps, team set up, etc.
• Questions from New Parents: about attending K for ½ day and doing ABA at home.
3 options are 1. Yes, possible to do that, 2. Hold back a year and stay in preschool longer 3. Apply/advocate for hours of support and then customize the day to include ABA and class time at school. Behavior Consultant can assist with this
Who has final say about hours allocated? School Principal
Are there links to the various District reps on the website? Yes
When is budget released? District budget is usually released at the end of May


Advisory Document Proposals:
• Home to School Collaboration: The current Home to School Collaboration document that is posted on SD36 website was revised in September 2015. ( )
Previously, the 2013 version had a line about team meetings that was taken out. The advisory has a letter for the district for the parents’ consideration.

Home Team Meetings:
• The School District does not pay for the ABA Support Worker to attend team meetings
which take place after the regular school day and/or at the home of the student.
• The district recognizes the value of ongoing collaboration to all parties involved.
• At times it may be beneficial to hold team meetings at the school. This allows school district personnel to provide the necessary supervision of staff and the opportunity for other staff (to be determined by the principal) to participate in these meetings on an “as needed” basis .
Amended for the last line to say … the opportunity for other staff , to be determined by the principal), to participate in these meetings on an “as needed” basis .

Moved by Jenn N, seconded by Louise.

ABA Renewal Form: there is a line on this form that Advisory exec felt should not be on this particular form as it gives permission for “outside professionals or support persons” to consult without notification of the parent on a case by case basis. A letter has been drafted to be sent to district that requests that the district remove this request for advance permission and to maintain adherence to meaningful consultation on a case-by-case basis.
Motion to accept – letter to be sent
Moved by Louise, seconded by Maryliene A.

Changes to ABA-SW program:
District has proposed changes to cross train support workers to fill more ABA positions.
Currently the district has 500 requests for ABASW, but only 250 personnel to fill at this level. There are about 100 EABT, many hold EA posts. If they are in a ABASW post, they do not own it and must repost every year. The District has proposed to train more EAs to become EABT so that they can fill the vacant ABA SW posts.
(see attachment- file ABA/EA/EABT training comparison chart)

Recently the executive met with District members discuss this proposal. Present were
– Deena Buckley (district Principal who has Advisory in her portfolio)
– Pretinder Narang, District behavior analyst
– Julie, District IST Support
– Sharon Baxter, a community BCBA that has been involved and around since the inception of the ABA program

– Clair Egan, community BCBA

The SD’s hope is that by giving BT’s equal status to ABA SW’s that more will take the training.
The SD felt the current 500 hours of in-school training was adequate and equal to the 1000 hours of to ABA SW home based training, on which we had some concerns.

Parent group was asked if 250 hours of training was acceptable. 13 of 19 voted in favor.
It was decided that Advisory cannot support adding BTs to the SW pool unless:
1. EA-BTs agree to a minimum of 250 hours of experience on a supervised home team. We would prefer this number was higher.
2. When EAs take the BT course and are currently working with a child with an active ABA program, the private BCBA would be offered the opportunity to conduct the 500 classroom-based observation hours and evaluation if the family is also supportive of this.
3. Attempts be made to preserve the practice of matching groomed workers with children
4. New BT’s be made aware of the current culture and practice that exists among the ABA SW and community when it comes to postings. They ultimately have the choice to post into any position, but they should be made aware that this custom has existed for some time so they aren’t blind-sided by upset families if the person intended for the position doesn’t get it.

• Hours Allocation: Hours usually posted at end of May. Watch facebook posts for notices
• Needs Assessment tool: Changes were done this Spring
Executive will solicit more feedback on this form at the Fall 2019, which will likely be late September
• Escalation Process:
Follow the escalation process:
1) School Principal
2) District Principal
3) Assistant Superintendent
4) Superintendent
5) Section 11- BOE formal complaint
6) File Human Rights Complaint
• Reminder to document interactions with school members when you are advocating. Give a deadline for response. Do not skip the levels or you will have to start over.
Meeting adjourned 9:01 pm

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