Jan. 27th, 2020

Jan 27th , 2020  -Meeting with Parents at REC

Meeting called to order at 7:05 pm by Nicole

15 members present, 4 members of executive

  1. Introductions of Executive– Nicole, Stephanie, Elaine and Polly
  2. Approval of previous minutes
    1. May 2019 minutes- approval 1st Stephanie L., 2nd  Louise
    1. Oct 2019 minutes- approval 1st Natalie, 2nd Marylynn
  3. Approval of agenda– 1st motion Louise, 2nd Julianne
  4. Elections-Brief history given by Elaine of origins of ABA program in Surrey

-program started in 2007, parent advocates

-3-4 meetings per year

-changing positions based on needs, discussed role of various positions of executive

-code of ethics read by Elaine

-nominations: Nicole self-nominate-Chair

                                Stephanie self-nominate Vice-chair

                                Polly self-nominate co-secretary

                                Jennifer self-nominate co-secretary

                                No member-at-large

                                21 voting members

5.Change in DP position-Deena Buckley no longer at Surrey, no official replacement in her role yet

6.ABA Renewal forms– Change in last line

“parents will be informed prior to consultation” added as last line

Forms due by March 1

IST’s have forms


Can request to keep EA or ABAsw that doesn’t own posting in job

A lot of documents to get in, check with IST, March deadline last year

Fear of losing EA during process, fear of hours being lost

8.Home school Collaboration document-No change approved by district in regards to language around team meetings that need to take place at school.  Sd feels hard to make a policy regarding meetings across the entire SD due to resources at school. 

Will try and work on language around collaboration language

Section of BCBA ethics added in and that BCBA’s must abide by their ethics when working with SD.  Applies to SD BCBA’s as well.

9.Facebook– when requesting to join, answer questions, may get declined

Reminder: confidential group, no screen shots

10. Updates to C & B– copies of revisions passed out to members for reading and members notified of changes.  Vote to accept changes will happen in spring at next meeting

11.Recruitment-10 job fairs, info given to SD for HR, ABAsw only meeting 50% capacityRecruitment of BI’s for home teams, SD may need to collaborate with other groups ASD related

-Options for kids in high school to volunteer to help in Bases room, BASES peer tutoring program -grades 10, 11 and 12

12.Resources for parents– FAQ on aba advisory website, good for new parents, BCCPAC -advocating guidebook, extra copies distributed, WTK happening for Kindergarten


If a parent new to support services, but not a kindergarten parent (late diagnosis) can they go to WTK to meet support services staff and learn about the resources available

Know legislation around special needs- School act, Meaningful consultation document, Hewko case

If EABT’s can take ABA sw postings, will the reverse be happening?

union issues, would need specific EA training for medical training, still on the table with SD

20 BT’s crossed over to ABAsw postings in June, limited training at current time

BT training: 40hrs in-class, DBCBA 3-10 visits, high needs kids, goals/data tracking, not 1000 hrs on home teams, not paid training

 –Why aren’t top-ups allowed for EABT’s

 many complicated factors, try to create ABA school positions first

  –When are hours being allocated?

May/June., check with Principal in spring, ask to see needs assessment, add letter, parents not always consulted, school snapshot, look at child unsupported

 –Can you only apply for ABA sw status 1/year?


  –What sheets to attach to SSNE?

    Letter of other behaviours not seen at school

    –When student going from elementary to high school, can they have continuity?

       -Yes, can request continuity so not reposted

     –What is Dr. Hanley involvement in SD?

-Recruited by SD, for high needs kids, parent sessions, BCBA co-agreements, teams, weekly skype meetings, BPI

-Uses practical functional analysis

-Not sure about ongoing involvement with Dr. Hanle

IEP deadlines?

            – Nov end?

             -flexible at school, IEP update in Spring for fall, work on detail in September

   –Communication Book?

-CRT responsibility, supervision of EA, create a template if not satisfied, list or ask questions, Google doc

    –Does school have to notify parents of absent support staff?

                    -case by case basis, some kids need to know, plan B option should be in place

                     -some kids can’t be at school unless supports are in place due to challenges

14)  Next Meeting– date to be announced, typically in May

15) Meeting adjourned at 9:05 pm by Nicole

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