Meeting minutes, Nov. 9, 2020

ABA Parent Meeting via Zoom Nov. 9th, 2020  at 8 pm

 28 parents present

  1. Introductions –Executive
    1. Nicole, Polly Steph, Elaine
  2. Approval of previous minutes from Jan 2020
    • 1st– Rebecca,  2nd-Nigina
  3. Approval of agenda
    • 1st– Stephanie L,  2nd Rebecca

  4.Change in DP- each has own portfolio

                -Selma Smith is high school

                -Karen Greaux is no longer G designations – Collin Reid taken over from her- elementary

  5. IEP/ school meetings

                                -new format from last year

                                – can be customized to child,

                                -can be in person or online, both have been done, contact admin if not happening,

                                -make goals specific, should be measurable

Q: does child need to be met if in blended program?  Should still be able to do on ZOOM – to be clarified with SD

6. Cohort – breaks should be covered, cohort not an excuse, changing support hours for lack of break coverage

 7.  Accommodations– case by case, talk to principal

                -H.S. -half and half not working, talk to principal

                -need wcb to come into homes, based on health concerns

                -about 5 accom’ns have happened

                -criteria for health concerns- not very specific from SD, immunocompromised/health

     8. Return for blended

                -survey from dpac, return in Jan

                -not sure how many SN in blended

                -not sure if will be extended

      9. Proposed changes to Constitution and Bylaws

                -what governs us as organization


                -changes of some wording

                -updated after 15 years

                -social media changes as a job description

                -1st: Jenn 2nd: Loise

                Vote: 28 members in favour

Q: Community outings with aba-sw?  Not allowed yet, H&S committee will look into, home teams with same abasw, same bubbles, no word yet form SD,   4 people brought up same issue, no work experience or transition, case by case exceptions –to be clarified with SD

Q: Problems with home driving after school by staff? no staff allowed– follow up with SD

-familiarization hours – had to use the school building

10.Recruitment ABA support workers

                                -not a high school program, people graduating early, it’s an EA program

                                -EA: SCC program, 5 months, 2 practicums, not ABA based, early graduated

                                -waitlisted kids needing support

   11. Needing more parent notifications out to more parents, sending out pdf of ABA letter

  Q: Potential aba sw had 800 hours, got hired into pool of aba, Principal said she will enter the pool and not go directly to that child, being filled by EA right now. How to resolve?  Principal will not likely remove EA, talk to HR and Collin Reed, make it clear that you want the position to stay open

Escalation Procedure :

                -CRT, IST ( supporting ea/abasw)

                -Principal-take a support person, summary email follow-up

                -District Principal

                -Michelle Schmidt- director of Special needs

                -Area superintendent


-Section 11/BOE-appeal to board of education

12. Recruitment of ABA advisory

                -need more parents to help, volunteer

                -need at least 3-5 people

Q: HS transition- who follows up, case manager, LST or BASES

                -principal contact

                -PDF document -on ABA website for HS transition

                -advocate hrs to upcoming principal

Q: Elem aba go to high school?  Continuity harder, 4/5 per year, squeaky wheel, posting should be very truthful, may eliminate others. Safety plan, self-injury, meds, toileting…bell to bell should be 30 if child needs 27.5 at elem, hours could be bumped up in September

Q: Does SD keep hours the same from elem to high school? Changes all the time, no explanation

Q: When does HS team takeover? Collaborative, elem will give info to hs team, high school responsibility,

IEP looked at and Needs assessment, psych-ed assessments done around gr 7, ask school team, ask ahead of time for psych-ed

Q: Hanley program- what is the outcome of it? How many people being trained in it?  Will there be continuity of it?  Follow up with SD

“my way Pilot project”-who is still over-seeing it still

                -Tina and Preetinder from SD, Sharon Powers, Tamara (data taker)

Q: Focus of IEP?- goals to IST/CRT, BCBA- suggestions

Q: Are schools restricting BCBA’s at all? No , should be able to go in

Q: How to know if it’s ok to have one ea to manage 3 kids in classroom?  Ask when your child is being supported, tell them what your child needs, talk about struggles and impacts on not being adequately supported, have bcba give recommendations, focus on struggles of child

Q; Any program for kids that aren’t BASES but child not ready for mainstream? LSB -learning support bases, customizable, go meet potential teachers beforehand, make appointments, talk about child and why they don’t fit the box, visit the school after the holidays, hrs based on needs not BASES or LST, hours are more complicated at hs

Q: Parents can see the data book?:  school owns the binder, google docs, email, copies can be sent home, graphed data, pic from school team, speak to school team or scan.  Make a plan with the school team

13. Next meeting- Jan end, likely zoom

14.  Meeting Adjourned at 9:42pm         

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