January 31, 2022 Parents Meeting Minutes

ABA Parents Meeting Jan 31, 2022

started at 8:29 pm via Zoom

1.Approval of Minutes– 1st– Michelle, 2nd Dildeep

2.Approval of Agenda– 1st-Nicole, 2nd Louise

3.Facebook privacy– Stephanie – for parents only, don’t share screenshots

4.IEP– How have parents found the process this year-Process has been ok as not too much negative feedback

5. Dates for paperwork

-ABA renewal doc: March 1st

-Needs assessment- April 1st-, school-based document, what is the child like when unsupported

-new K’s mid-April deadline

6.Welcome to High school

-presentation in the works, generic one not possible, checklist created for parents, based on each school, virtual parent night at each high school

-WTK coming up- Feb. 8th

7.Escalation process

-CRT, IST, Principal, DP, Director of Instruction, Area superintendent, Asst. superintendent, Superintendent, Board of education section 11 appeal

8. Questions

How not to lose EA without ABA posting status, not new vs. renewal?

Still student-centered hours? ABA not school-pooled hours, if child succeeding, then ABA could help others

Support being pulled, bell-bell, ABA-sw being pulled- child regressing, go talk to Principal- what’s plan B for that specific child,

Safety plans- protects staff from children

9. Budget – SN kids (9000) bring in $94,000,000, overall cost is $194, 000,000 operational costs

10. HSC document– team meetings, escalate if needed, not yet in document since 2015, case by case basis

11. Functional closures– none yet in Surrey, 25% of sick staff needed, SN kids can stay if needed if support person is healthy

12. Next meeting -TBD in late May

13. Adjournment– 1st Nicole, 2nd Jag at 9:24 pm

12. Michelle to talk about ASD event

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