May 26, 2022 Meeting Minutes



Started at 8:00pm

Participants: 18

  1. Approval of previous Minutes – posted on Facebook group 1st Jackie, 2nd Lama
  1. Approval of Agenda – posted on Facebook group

1st Jackie, 2nd Nicole

  1. Facebook Group Additions and Privacy Reminder

ABA Advisory Facebook group is set up for parents by parents for support purposes, what is shared and discussed is from parents perspective not employee or employer.

It is a closed group, No sharing.

  1. Budgets, paperwork Deadline and hour allocations

Budgets has been approved , 54 new support staff, 53 new teachers. Hour allocations should be out end of May early June, first round posting will be June 24th , EA and ABA SW will be on the same day.

  1. Welcome to High School

Carla Green and the district are working on a pamphlet of an individualized checklist and would like to hear from HS parents of what they wish they want to know before entering High School.

Parents can send their suggestions to Stephanie, Nicole will be sending an email to Stephanie to share it with district.

  1. Adult Transitions

School district is working with CLBC with transition with adulthood, they are going to have a parents virtual night in October.

  1. Home to School Team Meeting

As per Carla Michelle Schmidt prefer to keep document as is, they support team meetings if parents have any trouble then reach out to district principals Collin R (Elementary) Carla G (HS)

  1. Escalation Process

CRT – IST – Principal – DP – Director of Instruction – Area Super – Assistant Super- Superintendent – BOE Section 11 Appeal

  1. Questions

a. Is top up same for Elementary and High School? Not same, district like to invest more on early intervention.

b. Is IEP a legal document? No

c. ABA SW being pulled away regularly? Not Ok, if it keeps happening reach out to district principle Collin R (Elementary)

  1. Next Meeting

Late September

  1. Adjournment

Adjourned at 9:07 pm

12. AFU Funding
Michelle talked about Autism Funding.

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