NOVEMBER 29, 2022



Started at 8:01pm

Participants: 14

  1. Approval of previous Minutes – posted on Facebook group 1st Lama, 2nd Michelle
  1. Approval of Agenda – posted on Facebook group

1st Michelle, 2nd Lama

  1. IEP

Julie Grundy had a presentation about the IEP. It is important for parents to be part of the IEP, If it is not happening in school then parents should escalate.

  1. Cross training and hour top ups

District is meeting with CUPE early December to switch the job description to combine to all full time positions.

  1. High school information

Greg England is putting on a presentation for welcome to High school on December 7th on zoom, this will be recorded for parents in the future.

  1. ABA stats and information

New Director of Instruction is Kate Colter.

In Lue Day Off: Support workers are encouraged to take Pro D day off if not they will have coverage.

2100 G designated – 700 ABA requests: 43% ABA, 18% EABT, 39% EA

Data Team: 3 Helping teachers, 3 EA helpers, 2 BCBAs

  1. Escalation Process

CRT – IST – Principal – DP – Director of Instruction – Area Super – Assistant Super- Superintendent – Section 11 Appeal

  1. Questions

does the district do psych-ed testing for pre verbal students? Yes

who decide the psych-ed evaluation transitioning from grade 7 to grade 8? It is up to the parents unless the child’s IQ level is less than 70 and they have to go bases class room.

  1. Next Meeting: January, 2023
  2. Adjournment:

Adjourned at 8:26pm 1st Michelle, 2nd Lama

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