October 18, 2022 meeting minutes



Started at 8:05pm

Participants: 19

  1. Approval of previous Minutes – posted on Facebook group

1st Michelle, 2nd Polly

  1. Approval of Agenda – posted on Facebook group

1st Polly, 2nd Michelle

  1. Facebook Group Additions and Privacy Remind

ABA Advisory FB group is set up for parents by parents for support purposes, what is shared and discussed is from parents perspective not employee or employer.

It is a closed group, No sharing.

  1. Cross Training and hour top up

plan was for everyone to get cross trained ABA SW has cross trained into other disabilities so they can help more children and EA’s were presented with some ABA information, all ABA modules are also put into EA course in surrey college.

As of next year support will be school centered.

  1. Hanley

Hanley were happening in 51 schools, but now it is only happening in 3 schools because schools did not have the power and training.

  1. In Lieu day off
  1. Escalation Process

CRT – IST/Principal – District Principal – Director of Instruction – Area super – Superintendent – Section 11.

  1. Questions

Is ABA,EA overlap for High School too? No, only Elementary

How is the support worker take data when working with multiple kids?

Support workers must collect data, Data collection must be in the IEP.

What is the intention behind cross training?

To get everyone topped up and to get ABA SW’s in full time positions.

Who to contact at the ministry?

When is anticipation of the CUPE contract?

  1. Next Meeting: Early January
  1. Adjournment: Adjourned at 9:22 pm 1st Juliane, 2nd Nicole
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