2021 Minutes

January 2021-AGM Meeting

AGM Meeting – Jan 25th, 2021 via ZOOM

Meeting started at: 8 pm

Numbers of members in attendance: 29

Introductions: Nicole, Polly, Stephanie, Elaine (past chair)

Approval of AGM agenda: 1st:  Jennifer P, 2nd: Samira

Approval of previous AGM minutes from Jan, 2020: 1st: Stephanie L, 2nd: Jennifer P

ABA program background info given by Nicole, history of program and origins from parent advocacy

Election guidelines read out by Nicole from C & B

Code of ethics read out by Nicole

Duties of executive roles read by Nicole

Election Voting:  

Chair: Stephanie Klutch nominated by Nicole, 2nd by Ming

Votes: 20 votes in favour

Vice Chair: Jason Thorburn, Nominated by Louise, 2nd by Stephanie K, 17 votes in favour



Jennifer Pederson nominated by Stephanie, 2nd    Nicole, 22 votes in favour

Samira Jahish self nominated, 2nd  by Stephanie, 22 votes in favour

AGM concluded at 8:38 pm, adjourned by Nicole and 2nd by Jennifer P

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