Jan.25, 2021- Parent Meeting

ABA Parent Advisory meeting Jan. 25th, 2021 via ZOOM

Started at 8:39 pm

Members in attendance: 30

1) Approval of agenda: 1st Louise, 2nd Jennifer P.

2)Approval of previous minutes form Nov, 2020 meeting : 1st:   Nicole, 2nd Stephanie

3)Facebook privacy: respect other parents, sharing screen shots of posts with non -parent members can harm SD relationship, respect confidentiality 

4) ABA renewal forms- Due back by March 1st, behaviour plan and evidence of BCBA involvement to be included

Needs assessment tool for hours for coming year, proof of home BCBA involvement,  Fill out together if able, may not be able to do with school team, parents are always invited to add a summary page to capture beyond the scope of tool, letter will be attached,  perspective of what child would be like if no support available

5)Posting stats- 1380 Ea positions, 540 aba positions/ 246 filled with  aba-sw staff

6)Transportation of students- No from SD,  walk or take public transit, WCB matter as per SD due to COVID

7)School closures- if outbreak, out of SD hands for closure, may not be able to support all learners, FHA, speak to Principal if child not able  to switch to online learning 

Q: If can’t do online, would they allow EA to come into home?  SD not able to commit yet,  no plan in place unless public health gives guidance,  list of students with SD that may need in person classes with SD, parents with concerns going forward, 

Q: Do we have it in writing from FHA that it is the school’s responsibility?  SD has difference circumstances from FHA, 2 week shutdown had an online learning plan into place in a Surrey school, no reason for it to be delayed?

Poll: How many parents at meeting can’t do online learning  with their kids:  68% in-person only, 32% online

8) Hanley project:  functional assessments, 54 kids in SD, will grow in SD, brought in Hanley staff, school teams and working with home teams, parents should look up more info if interested, go to principal

9)Future direction of ABA

Progressive direction of SD, advisory met with Sharon and Claire  ( private BCBA’s), SD steering in a proactive direction, there are 5 BCBA’s in SD, 2nd year of Hanley, expanding, future of ABA , moves into practical functional assessment, child-led approach,  orientations of staff, kids need to be relaxed, happy and engaged with staff,  workers being mix and matched can lead to trauma and more negative outcomes,  instructional control language changes to repoir ,  Surrey has both ABAsw and  EAbt’s , still going even with Covid, committed to improving EA pool  

K readiness program supported by SD for space, helps families that won’t be able to run and increase capacity of staff, SD willingness to have conversations, still need to have advocacy for individual needs , school teams are picking kids for  programs at this point, You tube webinar, Dr Gregory Hanley, PFA -practical functional assessments, good fit for EA and home team and parents, go to Principal, IST, Michelle S, cost to families with home teams for training at home, not all BCBA’s as familiar with protocols

As per a parent member: collaboration is done on Teams, notes, videos can be seen every week as part of Hanley team in SD

10) ABA parent recruitment- get more ABA parents to come to our meetings, Info about ABA advisory to be sent out to all schools via IST’s, WTK Feb 8 ( 5-8 pm), will post in FB  and send out mail chimp reminder for WTK.  

11) Questions-

a)Iep- poll of parents satisfaction, some find it generic, overly complex 

b) blended kids coming back- no kids with designations will be moved unless essential

c)If in a new catchment school, does paperwork have to be submitted again for K- apply again and speak to Principal/admin at new school 

d) Needs assessment done every year and hours can change any year, how to advocate for more hours?  

Child losing time for break coverage from full -time, BCBA data sheet breaking times into chunks of time in the day so can see when no data being taken as not being there, less-supported during times when child showing independence, coming back from an activity without support

e)new HS catchment that has moved/changed- ? how to finalize moving to different catchment, will lose SW,  will accommodate if they have capacity, out of catchment form to be filled out, school visits after spring break more accommodated, speak to DP

f) Welcome to HS-in files on FB, would be good to have with SD, contact principal at HS

g)Don’t be afraid to reach out first to a school team- send out email or phone call, don’t always wait for school teams to reach out to you

12)Next meeting- in May, day TBD

13) Adjournment 1st:Nicole,  2nd by Samira  at 9:53pm

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