May 31st, 2021

Location: Zoom 

Date: May 31, 2021 @ 8:00pm PST 

  1. Introductions and Zoom Etiquette 
  • Leave emails in the chat to be added to the distribution list 
  • Questions relevant to the topic will be addressed with the topic, others will be followed up on at the end of the meeting 
  • Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes (Posted on Facebook Group) 

2. Motion Approval of the Minutes Last Meeting 

1st – Louise W

2nd – Dione Approval of Agenda (Posted on Facebook Group) 

3. Motion Approval of the Agenda 

Motion Agenda  

1st – Louise W

2nd – Jackie

4. Facebook Group – Additions and Privacy Reminders

  • FB group set up by parents for parents for purpose of support 
  • Things discussed from parent perspective (not employee or district) 
  • Closed group, only people in the group should see the posts 
  • Please respect everyone’s privacy, do not share posts or posts from other groups. 
  • If anyone is trying to join, please answer the 3 questions or you will not be added 

-Stephanie H does respond but it goes to the other folder and little follow up is done and parents rarely get added when this occurs

5. Elizabeth Goldstone – Welcome to ABA, IEP, ABA request forms, Needs Assessment Tool

Local BCBC

Teaming up with the Advisory to help us learn about ABA renewal, IEP, ABA request forms, Needs Assessment Tool


-Asking Selma and Colin, nothing posted yet. 

-We are in a deficit 

-Email has been sent about where the cuts are happening 

-Just SN or is it for Arts, Drama etc. and across the board

7.Posting Deadlines 

-No follow up from Colin from last week or as of May 31. 

-Steph H will send an email once she hears about deadlines 

-Get a hold of Principal if you need details 

-2 posting rounds due to changes. 

-ABA round 

-EA round

-Potentially 3rd round in August 

-Unsure of timeline for these 

-Hour allocations went out last week 

-Should be available this week to the parents 

-For Elementary will be done by area  

8. Welcome to High School 

Each school is doing their own thing 

Reach out to your IST if you need in person 

Can do virtual as well, schools are being flexible 

Still working with the district to have a generic presentation done, something like WTK 


Brochure available from the SD 

Working on a standardized template for parents so they know what to expect 

Colin will be doing a presentation in the fall about IEP’s

Hoping Colin will have an example of what a “great” IEP looks like 

10. Hanley Project Update 

SD still working hard on this, wanting to make it an amazing project in the District 

Link available for parents to see the model and how the Hanley Project works 

Fading away from instructional control that allows for escalation 

More about rapport building and safety centred model

55 kids in the district using it 

SD selecting themselves the children that are being put into the project 

11. ABASW- Student Centered Positions – DP Update
The ABASW program has not changed according to DP’s and is still child centered hours
They will be hand plucking ABA positions that are close to FT hours and will be topping them up with EA hours to make it more “appealing” for EA’s
They will then make the position EA, it will no longer be listed as ABA, but you will access to all the observations. But it will be run same as an ABA program but will need to be called an EA program so it can be topped up financially
Will be topped up to make as many FT positions as possible
The EA will own it and will not have to apply for continuity
Should it not be a good fit the parent can apply for ABA status again and you can try for an ABA worker the following year
K-7 only, High School not affected.

Goal is to have Higher Seniority and better trained EA’s apply into these ABA positions
Goal is to cut back on the continuity
ABASW’s will have first “dibs” on the position, but ½ of these ABA postings sit vacant and then are up for EA’s to apply into


Do you have to wait the full year if the ABA is not a good fit? 

Yes. You won’t be able to vacate that position until the end of the year. Family would have to push that it is in the best interest of the child to have someone else overtake the position should there not be a good fit. 

Would the ABA lose the posting?
Would be an ABA posting so an ABA would have the first round of postings, then the EA’s would get the next round of posting. If the EA took the position, it would then have the title changed to EA Preferred

What do you mean by cut back on continuity?
Currently, if the student has an ABA position, and it is filled by an EA, and the EA was a good fit, you will then have to file for continuity. Chances are slim that you can gain continuity. This program will eliminate the need for continuity as the EA Preferred will then own your child’s position. (Owned till grade 7 and then re-post in Grade 8)

What is happening in High School?
Nothing. Right now, everything is staying the same

If and ABA doesn’t pick up the position, how does it work?

If your position currently has an EA in it can they own it or does the position go into a pool for by seniority?
Correct. Because EA’s are school based seniority. Will be an ABA posting where there is 25 hours and they then top it up 2.5 hours to make it FT. But only for vacant positions.

How are we going to hold the integrity of the ABA program? How are we keeping the integrity of the program? How is data going to be taken? What’s going to happen with all this?  

You get all the benefits of ABA through an EA. Direction is to get all the data and goals in the IEP so we can hold the position and support accountable. 

Do we, as the parent, have the right to know if the support is pulled that day? 

The parent will need to advocate for the child and ask.


Is it only topped up if an EA takes the position? 

Not guaranteed that if your hours drop from 25 to 22.5 that it will be plucked to be topped up. They want to take as many vacant as they can and if the position is owned and the ABA is happy then they want to keep it that way. They want to get as many qualified EA’s to take over vacant ABA positions.

When will I hear about continuity? 

Not sure. Usually comes out in June. 

If your ABASW already owns the position and the hours are cut, are they able to top up to FT hours while still owning the position? 

If you are in an ABA position, there is no such thing as top ups  

**Training for the EA Preferred – they are going away from ABABT, doing a version of “Intro to ABA-Autism” on Pro-D Days. 

General Questions
Has anyone in the meeting applied for continuity this year?
I was told not to because I probably wouldn’t get it. That was told to me by the IST.
Who decides hours for High School?
DP for High School (Selma), although it’s believed there is a group who goes through the needs’ assessment tool together. Best to go to the School Principal and then it can escalate to the DP
Does anyone have Selma’s phone number?
If you go into Student Services, it will direct you to a secretary. Email if you can get through on a phone call
Anything on Community Outings next year?
Cannot have anyone drive our students in their cars. The student can go on public transit with the EA but cannot be in their personal car due to Covid and Public Health direction.

Any further questions send that question in a post on the Advisory page.

13. Next Meeting 

ETA October 2021

14. Adjournment
Motion Approval of the Adjournment of the Meeting
1st – Jackie V
2nd – Louise W

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