Oct 20th, 2021

ABA Parent Meeting via Zoom

started at 9 pm with parents
23 parents present

SD: Julie G (IST), Yolanda D (LST), Colin (DP)
ABA: Stephanie,Nicole,Polly,Elaine,Samira.

  1. Approval of previous Minutes
    1st -Jackie.
    2nd -Dildeep.

3. Approval of Agenda
1st – Jackie.
2nd – Nicole.

4. Facebook Group Additions and Privacy Reminder
FB Privacy rules and details shared by Stephanie.

5. Budgets – Special Needs deficit
ABA advisory Meeting with Carla on Oct 21, 2021 to get more info on the budget.

6. IEP’s – Presentation
presentation done by Julie ,Yolanda,Collin.

7. ABA preferred positions and Cross Training
-Every EA position is bumped up to full hours, EAs will have modules to become familiar
with ABA Practices.
-All ABA support workers are require to take all CUPE owned Pro D days for this year and next
-ABAsw’s will have first Crack at ABA positions.
-EA’s will own ABA positions, can reapply in spring or keep EA.
-Embed ABA in IEP language to keep posting ABA.
-Requests still being taken for next year.
-student centered support is a new language.
-ABA-preffered is a new title.

  1. Escalation Process
    principle – district principle – director of instruction -Area super – Asst super -Supt.Jordan Tinney

9. Questions
-Are top-up hrs distributed by seniority-No, still school centered.
-Funding might be more flexible with top-ups.
-FT this year and Next year, goes down to 20, will 7.5 come from a top-up?
-Continuity is only for this year, EA posted in will own it from posting round.
-Change language to student specific again?- not likely.
-If ABA support gets reduced by more than 5 hours, will it be re posted again vs school based hrs?
Yes- need more clarification.
-School -based complaint?-Principal
-New Selma replacement-no replacement-? Carla Green
-CRT insists on time-outs?- not part of support plan, what should a parent do? What is the –
behaviour leading to the behaviours, BCBA observation?

10. Next Meeting
AGM Jan, 2022.

11. Adjournment
Adjourned at 9:40
1st -Jackie.
2nd – Jag.

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