Welcome to the Surrey District ABA Advisory. 

We are a group of parents in the Surrey School District who have formed an advisory council to address concerns specifically about the implementation of our children’s ABA programs in our public schools. We have general parent meetings 3-4 times per year and our Executive meet with district staff as needed throughout the school year to address general concerns that may impact all or the majority of children that have ABA programs run in school.

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Meeting Announcement:

Monday, October 29th, 2018

District Education Center (DEC)
14033 92 Ave. Room# 2020

Join us to discuss issues related to ABA programs for our children in the district.

Our agenda will include details from our recent meetings with the district as well as highlights from last year’s meetings and we will discuss current issues related to starting your children’s new school year.

Please send questions and agenda issues to surreyabaadvisory@gmail.com. We’d like to hear what is on your minds so we can better answer questions and address current concerns.

We would very much appreciate it if you would forward this announcement to any ABA parents new to the district or those who may not be aware of us.

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Welcome back to school!

Your ABA Advisory



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