Nov 2013

ABA Advisory Meeting Nov 27th 2013
Attendance – 13
Nancy Robins call to order – 7:15
Quick round of introductions
Questions answered by district – yes – NR will follow up with district contact – we get a link to the Surrey Schools Website
ER – EA planning tool – CR planning tool is not planned to be used for ABA at this time
Clarify – child specific – still exists and there is no intention to change – we talked about principal’s making decisions around child specific that go against this – parents need to always be vigilant that principals know about what ABA is and what that means for support for children who have ABA SW’s
Catchment question – as long as the school has space then we believe that you are entitled to go there
Letter to super – there are issues that we have been waiting for – there are a number of areas that have not been covered in the last couple of years – we are waiting to January to see where this goes – includes – aba manual, FAQ’s, parent direction
Who is in charge of evaluating an ABA SW in terms of instructional control – DS problem – to be discussed with Catherine
Spareboard – now available for ABA SW’s to be on the spareboard for as many days as possible – they can work any full days they are available for
Minimum number of hours will not be enforced in terms of people loosing their ABA SW’s there will be a recommendation for families to supply 5 hours of meaningful consultation a year
Parents are concerned about visits from district personnel – if someone is there to assess your child you will be notified – if they are coming to support the teacher or ABA SW then no notification is required
Union – NW and ER want to have our choice posted with our child – NW suggested that postings be marked with a notation so that employees can choose postings that are not ‘spoken for’ – this has since been clarified with Michelle Schmidt and is not possible based on the union contract
Seclusion room changes have affected some students – NW has written a letter to the district to say that his Behaviour Plan includes this room and it is necessary for him to control his behavior.
Peer to Peer tutor – Linda Bronco and Christian Despins are available to ABA SW’s

Adjourned at 9:00

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