June 2015

Meeting call to order at 7:05

Attendance 20–all signed registrar

Minutes approved Del, seconded Jen

Agenda approved Kari, seconded Lisa


ER-Surrey College Update

-Payroll deduction option available for course

HR can deduct $211 bi-weekly for 16 pay periods which will end in April of the year attended.

-RBT prerequisites

All course content will be included. The actual supervision will need to be provided by the BCBA (s) who supervise the child’s program.

-RBT pilot program had 15 EAs, 13 emerged with certificates

-BCBA created RBT (fold into Surrey College course?)

-Course Credit offered

Credit for ABASW course valid at Douglas and a few others

ER-Support Hours Changes and Structure

Level 1: Physically dependant (including deaf and blind)

This group includes high needs ASD (non verbal/high behavior) as well as K-1 ABA

67 students in SD 36        Receive $36,600 in 2015, will be increased to $37,700 in 2016

Children in this Level will receive full time hours

Level 2: Includes ASD

-ASD/ABA grades 2-7 Received 25 hours 2015-2016

2230 students in SD36    Receive $18,300 in 2015, will be increased to $18,500 in 2016

Children in this Level will receive 27.5 hours for K and grade 1, 25 hours for grades 2-7

Level 3: Significant behaviour situations

1009 students in SD36 Receive $9,200 in 2015, will be increased to $9,500 in 2016

Children in the Level will receive 8 hours of EA support (up to Principals to distribute hours based on school-level need)

Other groups:  Learning Disabilities (1767 students), Mild Intellectual disability (272 students), Behaviour support required (1124 students), Gifted (542 students) *No supplemental funding for these groups of students or direct allocation of EA support

The “plan” this year is to reduce all gr 2-7 ABA students to 25 hrs (or increase), then top back up to full time when a request comes in from the school saying that individual students cannot manage.

-Last year there was a reduction in Secondary LST time down to average 5 hrs/student. No new cuts for secondary this year except where specific requests are submitted.

Stats: Currently 1300 EAs, 200 ABA SW. Equivalent of 1087 FTEs. Funding formula considers 2.2 students per FTE. Average number of EA hours/student is 13-14 hours/week currently. ABA is much higher.

90 new ABA requests. Only 33 bringing an SW with them.

Financials: Deaf/blind $36.6K, ASD $18.5K, High behavior $9K. FTE costs $50K. BOD supplements $25 mil each year above allocations from the ministry.

Discussion: with the intention of the district to reduce hours as students’ progress through the grades, we need to be conscious that our IEPs contain measureable goals to work toward independence. We can build independence with intention, not just by withdrawing hours.

At IEP time, family and school based team need to be on same page about what independent means, how to structure and measure independence

ER-RBT  for EAs

In two weeks, all EAs coming for seminar to explain RBT

Will include competency-based training in Sept/Oct/Nov

Approx 25-30 EAs to be trained in RBT

EAs taking training on own time, unpaid time

On-going supervision required

Must have a consultant supervising

EA/RBT should join home ABA team


ER-District Changes:

-New District Principal: Anna taking on ABA Planning Tool. Replacing Juanita Jackson.

-New BCBA for North/East Tina Dunn (currently runs the high incidents room at George Greenaway). Preetinder Narang to cover South/West

-ABA planning tool in the works

EA Planning tool based on a hierarchy of needs

  • Healthcare
  • Access to education (communication, behaviour, sensory)
  • Instructional support

ER-Still pending:

-ABA collaboration document  (September for sure)

-ABA SW handbook (promised for September—we haven’t seen)


ER-Kindergarten Transition Issues (if needed)

-Hour evaluation (probably full time) IST

-Make sure you are involved in the process of writing your child’s posting.  Include: “Child specific training requested please”

-Position must be posted Aug 14th-24th. If not taken, goes to New Hire/matching meeting on the 27th. If no SW posts in, a temporary EA is placed based on Seniority. They hold the position for 1 year unless you find an SW and advocate for them.

ER-Connecting with Parents

-website/facebook/letter to parents

ER-Next meetings: September 30 and January 20 (AGM)



If student is moving from elementary to secondary, what is posting period? Aug 14-24 period

If EA not in position, can they be matched? Not usually

EA priority given to staff already in school

When will be find out if posting was taken/staff hired? School will know August 28 (or you can find out from ABASW/BI)

If there is a new principal, how should we increase awareness/education about ABA SW etc.)? Recommend setting up a meeting with principal to ‘build a bridge’

If ABA SW is on extended medical leave, how long can he/she hold position?

Note:  Interim designation exists—ABASWs don’t accumulate seniority until Surrey College course is taken

What does SLP support at school look like? Limited to consulting and reporting.

Would Integration Support Teacher (IST) know number of hours child will receive?

Note:  In secondary, during ‘exam week’ students in BASES don’t have support or classes. School Act mandates instructional time.

What are full hours for secondary? 30 hours plus 2 hours consult time. Elementary ‘bell to bell’ is 27.5 hours. Advocate with principal and solicit support from IST, classroom teacher

Meeting adjourned 8:25pm

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